The New Party and Young People

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Young People and The New Party

We all know that the environment is an important issue - one that will affect future generations. It is important that we get it right.
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We are facing many uncertainties in the world, with international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the instability caused by 'rogue' states.
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It would be nice to think that we could all get the perfect job. The reality is that many people have to go into low-paid, insecure jobs with little job satisfaction.
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A good education system is vital to prepare our young people for the future, and vital for the future prosperity of the country as a whole. So why is it that we are unable to get it right?
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Our society has become selfish and short-sighted. Our inability to face reality or make principled decisions will cost future generations dearly, just as young people are now having to pay for the failures of past governments.

"No one cares about the young unless they are wearing hoodies, binge drinking, getting pregnant or failing dumbed-down GCSEs." Alice Thomson, Daily Telegraph

Young people are getting a raw deal. Students leave university burdened by debt and many young people face immense pressures. Meanwhile, politicians talk about raising the retirement age and taxes to pay for pensions.

Unfortunately the generation in power now is reaping the benefits of the past but without being prepared to make proper provision for the future.

Everyone has the right to a rewarding and fulfilling life without being saddled with the mistakes or the debts of previous generations.

If you want to create a fairer and better society, then join with us to start building the New Party.