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The New Party is committed to basing its policies on real life experience rather than political dogma. We are therefore carrying out targeted surveys throughout the UK and we would be very grateful if you could help us by completing a short questionnaire.

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There are many ways in which you can help the New Party. The Party is constantly growing but we need your help to ensure its success.

How You Can Help
You can help from the comfort of your own home, out and about or from one of our offices. However this is not a one way street and you will in return get a great deal of satisfaction by helping to make your country better. It need not be much, just a few hours of your time will make all the difference.

At Home

Information Analysts:
Are you able to analyse incoming information quickly and effectively? The Party is totally committed to interacting fully with the public as well as its members and we need intelligent people to collect, summarise and direct comment, information and policy ideas.

Graphic Designers:
Do you have that elusive creative touch? We need gifted people who care sufficiently to use their special gift to reach out visually to the disenfranchised, the poor and the exploited.

Telephone Hotlines:
Do you have the manner and the voice to put our callers at ease yet at the same time handle their calls and enquiries in a competent manner?

Do you have the literary skills and the motivation needed to breathe life into the political debate? Could you present our beliefs, our principles and our policies in a straightforward yet inspirational manner.

Out and About

Would you be willing to spend a little of your spare time briefly explaining to your fellow citizens who we are and what we stand for? Our canvassers work in teams and you will receive training, food and out of pocket expenses.

Public Meetings and Debates:
Focussed on connecting with the public, stimulating community spirit and introducing new members the Party will stage public meetings all around the country. We will supply the speakers but we need your help to talk to people and hand out information packs.

In the Office
Not everyone is on the internet and we will be conducting periodic mail and telephone campaigns from our regional offices. There will always be something to do in the office and if you have a few spare hours and like working with others then you will enjoy this.

Business Can Also Help
Business people have suffered appallingly under this government and this could be your chance to redress the balance. We understand that your own time will probably be limited but perhaps you would consider helping out with some office space, staff time, a donation or even mentioning the party on your company vehicles or stationery.

Please use the form below to register your interest in volunteering for the New Party, or click here to download a copy of the registration form. If you would like details of how to contact a New Party representative click here.

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