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Below are some of the comments made by our members and the general population. To make your views known to us, use our 'Have Your Say' online form.

"Refreshing to see an approach to tackling crime that goes further than employing thousands of more policemen and building dozens more jails."
Arthur Clarke

"I really like your proposals for Europe. So simple why has no-one thought of this before."
Dave Chester

"your tax and benefits policy appeals to me"
Robert Jones

"Your ideas are very interesting and well structured. There is something positive for everyone. I hope you get enough support to carry these excellent ideas forward, otherwise the future for this country is grim. "
John Peters

"As an ex teacher I think your policies are spot on. We definitely need to bridge the yawning gap between leaving school and adapting to the outside world. You get nothing for nothing in this life but far too many young people do not realise this until it is too late. "

"As a country dweller I wholeheartedly support the idea of making field sports an issue to be decided by people in their own area. That is exactly as it should be and very fair. "
Mrs. M Drummond
Berwick on Tweed

"I could not believe it when I read on your site that there is less traffic on the railways now than in the 30's, I checked and you are right, this is an utter disgrace. "

"I will definitely vote for The New Party member in my area, if no candidate exists then I will put my name forward. "
Andrew McIntyre
Milton Keynes

"This is fantastic news, I have looked through the new website and it is excellent, almost every single policy aligns with my own thinking. I support you entirely. "
Roger Stone

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. "

"Many if not all of the policies struck a chord with me. For to many years now the UK public has had limited choice in political parties, with each person being being forced to choose between the lesser of three evils, you know things are bad when this happens. "
Darren Samways

"Seems like you have tapped into a lot of common sense among your contributors to the debating chamber. Why don't the other parties have something like this? "
Colin Bryce

"The common-sense views of the New Party are a refreshing change to the current old-fashioned complicated Government. The New Party is exactly what we need to revive Britain and its political system. "
Firaas Rashid

"Reading about the New Party and its aims was a real heart warmer. Lets hope you take off in the UK and can get going here in Australia and elsewhere. Good Luck"
Neil Wall

"Having read your summary of policies I find I am in agreement with much of what you stand for."
K Gundel

"At Last! Nice to see some sense being talked. The policies outlined seem to cover most of my current concerns about the way in which we are being governed. "
Nick Holmes

"I agree with the The New Party policies and I am encouraged that there is such a party in the UK. Nevertheless, I feel that if there are criminals that need locking up, they should be locked up. And if this means building more prisons, so be it! For justice is not done if the due punishment is not carried out. However, I am open to any effective measure that will restore, then maintain law and order, because the current situation is deplorable for the victims, and for the law abiding population. "
Chatham, Kent

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics wont take an interest in you. "

"This is the best thing to happen in British Politics for decades,good luck you have my support. "
P MacDonald
Clacton on Sea

"It is really annoying to hear government ministers rabbiting on about helping small business while all the time piling on more and more regulations. "
Bill Hatchman

"I think the most worrying thing today is the sheer number of young people our schools and insitutions are churning out who can neither read, write or think properly. "
Campbell Hardie

"EU red tape is costing us more than any business we get from Europe. We were told we were going into the Common Market to get rid of trade barriers - not to be dictated to from Brussels. "
Brian Regan

"New Labour has been the biggest con ever. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. So what exactly has changed? "
Jim Bayley

"7,600 NHS patients got MSRA in their bloodstream last year and yet this did not happen to anyone in the private sector. How do you explain that Mr Reid. "
Ray Mills

"Why do we keep accepting people into our country who do not respect our traditions and have no intention of integrating."
Colin Denby

"No wonder ordinary people have given up on politics. No-one listens and the system is designed to grind you down. "
Phillip Brown

"The planning system is a major obstacle to progress. How are we supposed to be entrepreneurs with one hand tied behind our back? "
Jacqueline White

"It is about time someone in politics remembered the old maxim... 'Honesty is the best policy' "
Niki H

"We need a strong party that is not afraid to take this country to the top again. "

"Having read through your website I felt myself agreeing with nearly all your policies. "
Peter Risebrow

"I was interested to read your comments/policy on the road haulage industry. Though an (early) retired ex BR international rail freight manager, I have to say you are spot on. "
A B Stone

"I think your party looks very clear and well presented, and it seems to care what the electorate thinks. I hope you get some seats in the election. This country needs some long term planning, instead of short-term fixes. "
L Kelly

"National Stock, now you are talking! This is the kind of thinking we need. "
P. Webb

"I think that your website is very well presented and your policies all make sense, this is what britain needs, I hope that you will succeed in the near future!!! "

"Just to congratulate you all on the new forum! I have found it easy to access, read and comment. A wonderful way to express views and opinions, and also read the thoughts of others. Keep it up. "
W Ness

"The web site is more user friendly but its lost none of its punch,we must start spreading the word of THE NEW PARTY, else we will all be dragged down by the EU we must NEVER forget the events and people of 60 years ago !!!!!!!!!!! CARDIFFnew "
Paul Townsend