The New Party Manifesto

The New Party is a party of economic liberalism, political reform and internationalism.  Our manifesto outlines the programme that we see as being necessary to provide a secure and prosperous future.

opening quote marksOur politicians are not up to the job. If we fail to act now, we will de-skill, de-motivate and impoverish an entire generation.closing quote mark

Enterprise: Creating a dynamic and competitive economy
We believe in smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation and more reliance on the initiative and enterprise of individuals.
Ownership: Delivering freedom of choice in public services
Everyone should have a stake in society and be encouraged to make the most of their lives. Welfare dependency does not work. We will replace state control with the freedom of choice.
Renewal: Championing progress with sustainability
Government must ensure that the long-term needs of our society and economy are met. This means encouraging better skills, embracing new technologies and transforming our transport infrastructure.
Moral Purpose: Valuing families, rebuilding communities
Individuals thrive best in strong, cohesive communities. Strengthen the community and problems such as crime, drugs, alcohol and vandalism will rapidly recede.
Reform: Enhancing our democratic institutions
The past few decades have seen the creeping destruction of our constitutional settlement. We need to restore the basic principles of individual liberty and parliamentary government.
Internationalism: Promoting free and open societies
Our goal must be a freer world that is more secure and prosperous. We must promote free trade, democracy, good governance and the rule of law.