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The Truth Behind the Spin

We constantly berate politicians for using evasive language, telling ourselves that if they were to stick to the truth then our troubles would be cured. The media also follows this line and hardly a day passes without an MP being pilloried in the press or getting their character brought into question on TV. We are consumed by righteous indignation about the state of our health service, our schools, our roads and our pensions – to name but a few – and it seems perfectly obvious to us that it is all being caused by devious politicians willing to say anything to get elected.

However could it not also be said that politicians are in the business of promising the impossible because that is what we demand of them? Do we not vote for parties who promise the earth and then throw our hands up in horror when they cannot deliver? At the end of the day it really does not make a whole load of sense to expect any political party to act with integrity if we are not ourselves prepared to face up to reality.

The “No Go” Areas

There are three areas in particular that give politicians of all parties palpitations and where they all immediately revert to spin – Health, Education and Welfare Spending.

The National Health Service

Once regarded as a national treasure our health service has become a national embarrassment and at times it is difficult to tell whether it is the patients or the staff who are suffering more. Most experts agree that the present system is not working and that healthcare needs to freed from political interference, inefficient funding and bureaucratic control. However the NHS has become the ultimate sacred cow and anyone proposing to haul it into the 21st century gets vilified by the media backed up by members of the public who do not trouble themselves with the detail or seek the views of front line carers. The New Party has first class proposals for the National Health Service and the courage to publish them.


It is impossible to over emphasise the importance of a sound curriculum, competent teachers and a properly funded infrastructure yet even this vital service has been seriously undermined by political correctness and mindless bureaucracy. We must accept that children have different needs, capabilities and ambitions and reform the education system to deliver the best possible start in life for its diverse pupils.

The Welfare State

Born out of a noble desire to help those less fortunate, our welfare system de-motivates those who could work, dehumanises those who become dependent, and exasperates all who observe. We now spend almost as much on state handouts as on education and healthcare combined. Politicians from all sides recognise that this cannot continue yet only the New Party is prepared to publish the truth about what needs to be done to trim the Welfare State

How to Get Rid of Spin

The only real way to get rid of spin is to be prepared to listen to all sides of the argument and to support the people you regard as being the most truthful, competent and responsible, irrespective of which party they belong to. For it is only by removing the rewards of deceit that we can ever really expect our leaders to stop hiding behind spin.

Stop the spin - vote it out.

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