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Vivien Saunders (National Policy Committee)


 Vivien Saunders For many years Vivien was probably the most successful woman golf teacher in the world with pupils from as far afield as Bombay. She won the British Women's Open, was founder of the Women's PGA, the first European resident to qualify for the LPGA, was English national coach for 18 years and national coach to Wales and Ireland. She was twice winner of the Sports Coach of the Year Award and was awarded the OBE in 1997 for services to golf. Vivien is a qualified solicitor, has an MBA, an LLM and a PhD in psychology. She is now retired from running her golf schools and has now been reinstated as an amateur golfer.- "to be able to enjoy playing the game I love". Vivien is still very active with her public speaking and does numerous golf clinics in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Fund.

Reasons for Supporting the New Party

Opening quotation markI am a competitive person by nature and I believe that competition of all kinds leads to increased self reliance and greater personal fulfilment. Unfortunately, in Britain today competition is actively discouraged and this is reflected in the attitude of many of our young people. We need to break free of the politically correct and interfering nanny state and start acting as proper human beings before we de-motivate and institutionalise an entire generation. I support the New Party because I empathise with its ideals and I agree with its policies.Closing quotation mark