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Committed to restoring vision and dedication to politics

Political leaders in Britain seem to be incapable of taking the difficult decisions that are needed to secure our future.  The New Party offers a view of what we really need if we are to have long-term prosperity, progress and security.

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Latest: Let the people speak: There is an appetite in the country for a genuine alternative.  The voters should be given a chance to demand one.

ManifestoThe New Party is a party of economic liberalism, political reform and internationalism. 

Take a look at our Philosophy and Principles and how these are applied in our Manifesto.

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New Party SurveysWe are committed to basing our policies on real life experience rather than political dogma. We would be very grateful if you could help us by completing a short questionnaire. Take the Survey.

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If you want to create a fairer and better society, then join with us to start building the future.  Visit the Young People pages on our site.